UFC Sold for $4 Billion, Fighters Get Mass Email Telling Them They Remain “a Very Important Part” of the Organization (Tweet)

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After months of speculation, on Monday the UFC made it official. The MMA promotion has been sold to a group of investors headed by talent agency WME-IMG for the staggering sum of $4 billion. Zuffa LLC, the previous ownership group headed by brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, will retain a minority stake in the company, but Lorenzo will step down as CEO. Dana White will stay on as UFC president and will also retain a minority stake in the company. However, as a 9% stakeholder in Zuffa LLC, he’s now $360 million richer.

What does this mean for the fighters? Ultimately it means they have a new boss, and that new boss could decide to take the UFC in a different direction that has an impact on fighters. But right now it means nothing for day-to-day operations.

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, who is coming off a win at UFC 200, took to Twitter to share the mass email the UFC sent fighters informing them of the change in ownership. Apparently the fighters are still a “very important part” of the fighting company:

The Fertitta brothers bought the UFC for a measly $2 million in 2001. Under the leadership of Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White, the company has transformed from a small-time promotion that couldn’t get on television to one of the biggest global sports brands in the world. Unless growth starts to level off or decline, it’s unlikely we’ll see any major changes in the near future.

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