Watch Giant Kid Flatten Other Kids, Make Leaping Catches to Rob Home Runs at MLB Home Run Derby (Videos)

giant kid slams into smaller kid shagging balls at mlb home run derby

The biggest story of the 2016 MLB Home Run Derby? Most would probably say it was the historic performance of Giancarlo Stanton. And that’s reasonable. But I’m gonna go with the giant kid steamrolling other kids and robbing players of home runs with leaping grabs.


During Carlos Gonzalez‘s quarterfinal matchup against Todd Frazier, the giant kid absolutely demolished a little girl who had the misfortune of going for the ball he was going for. It was like a first string linebacker destroying a third-string tight end:

Amazingly, this kid was not done making highlights. In the final round between Frazier and Stanton, the dude made a leaping grab at the wall that totally robbed Frazier of a home run:

Are we sure this dude’s not 17? Did anybody check his birth certificate?

Fortunately the final round didn’t come down to one run or we would have had a controversy on her hands. As it happens, not even that giant kid was going to keep Stanton from winning this year’s derby. He hit a record 61 homers, and he hit them all a long, long way.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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