NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Is Not a Fan of “Superteams” Like the Warriors


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When Kevin Durant announced that he was signing with the Golden State Warriors, a lot of people expressed dismay at the formation of a so-called NBA “superteam.” Even those who don’t begrudge Durant for seeking out the best possible chance to win a championship don’t like the idea of an entire team of elite players dominating the league and leaving no chance for anybody else.

You can count NBA commissioner Adam Silver among those people.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Silver said that while he supports Durant’s and Golden State’s exercise of their free agency rights, he still doesn’t think superteams are ideal.

“I don’t think it’s good for the league,” Silver said. “I think it is critically important that fans in every market have the belief that if their team is well managed, that they can compete. It’s certainly important to me that markets in this league—those that are perceived as small as those that are larger—all feel that they have an equal chance.”

“In the case of [Durant], I absolutely respect his decision, once he becomes a free agent, to make a choice that’s available to him,” Silver continued. “He operated 100 percent within the way the system is—and same with Golden State.”

Silver acknowledged that the league will investigate possible solutions to this supposed problem.

“I think we do need to re-examine some of the elements of our system and so that I’m not here next year or the year after again talking about anomalies,” Silver said. “There are certain things, corrections we believe we can make in the system.”

What those “certain things” are, Silver did not say. Given the dramatic impact a single player can make on the roster of a professional basketball team—especially relative to pretty much every other pro sport—it’s hard to imagine what the NBA could do that would not significantly curtail the freedom of athletes to apply their trade wherever they chose.

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