Cameraman Records Tour de France Rider Peeing, Gets Called a ‘Wanker’ (Video)

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There’s a lot of downtime and monotony in the Tour de France, no doubt. But that doesn’t excuse this cameraman from trying to make news footage out of a rider trying to relieve himself mid-race. Sure, it’s an interesting facet of the sport that many might want to know more about (I mean, how many other televised sports have competitors going to the bathroom DURING the event), but there’s a guy’s privacy on the other end of this thing.

Rightfully, the subject of the video, Mark Cavendish, was pretty upset by the invasion of privacy and called the cameraman a “f***ing wanker.”

Seems fair, right?

Here’s the clip:

Yeah, the cameraman shouldn’t have done that.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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