Shaq Lets His Son Shareef O’Neal Dunk All Over Him Because He Needs Practice Dunking On Big Men (Video)

shaq lets son shareef o'neal dunk on him

Last year, on an episode of NBA Open Court, Shaquille O’Neal said Derrick Coleman is the only player who ever dunked on him during his 19-year Hall of Fame career, and that after it happened he decided he would never let anybody dunk on him again.

Fortunately for Shareef O’Neal, a 6’9″ top 50 recruit who’s going into his junior year at Windward School in Los Angeles, Shaq’s love for his son is bigger than his ego. Because the Big Aristotle has recently decided to break the promise he made to himself in order to help his kid get better.

You see, Shaq thinks his son Shareef needs to learn how to dunk on big men. So while training this summer, he’s letting the kid dunk all over him.

Take a look:

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There’s probably no one better to teach you how to dunk on big men than one of the greatest big men who ever played the game. If Shaq can’t get Shareef ready for Division I hoops, nobody can.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]