Twitter Explodes After Tenors Singer Changes Lyrics to Canadian Anthem at MLB All-Star Game to “All Lives Matter” (Video + Tweets)

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Twitter exploded on Tuesday night when Remigio Pereira, a member of Canadian vocal group The Tenors, changed the lyrics of “O Canada” at the 2016 MLB All-Star Game. Instead of singing “with glowing hearts we see thee rise / the True North strong and free,” Pereira sang “we’re all brothers and sisters / all lives matter to the brave” while holding up a sign that said “All Lives Matter.”

Take a look:

As you probably know, a national anthem is like a country’s mission statement. And when you sing your country’s anthem in a foreign land, you are essentially speaking for your fellow citizens. So changing the words of that anthem, regardless of the message, is not cool.

Canadians? They were not happy:

Unfortunately, some folks seemed to be confused about who the Tenors were and who was behind the change:

As we’ve already pointed out, Tenors are a Canadian group. In fact, they used to be called the Canadian Tenors until a few years ago. Presumably they were invited to sing the Canadian anthem for this very reason. But according to MLB spokesman Matt Bourne, the league had no idea Remigio Pereira was going to change the lyrics. And neither did the other three members of the Tenors, who promptly issued a statement labeling Pereira a “lone wolf” and kicking him out of the group.

Pereira, meanwhile, defended his actions:

Of course, Pereira certainly had the right to say what he did. Canada, like the United States, is a free country. But that doesn’t mean he was right to do so. And as with all controversial acts of free speech, he now he will have to live with the consequences—which in this case will probably mean the end of his recording career.

Hat Tip – [CBC]

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