Darryl Strawberry Says He’d Regularly Have Sex in The Clubhouse During Games (Audio)

Darryl Stawberry #39

If you thought you knew about all the wild stuff former New York Mets/Yankees right fielder Darryl Strawberry did while playing in the MLB, you thought wrong.

Thursday, during an interview on SiriusXM’s “Morning Men” radio show to promote the premiere of the 30 for 30 documentary, “Doc and Darryl,” Strawberry admitted to smoking cigarettes, and while on the road he would sometimes have sex in the clubhouse between innings during live games.

“When I was on the road, yeah probably. It’s a great possibility. … Yes, between innings. It worked out well just how crazy it was,” Strawberry told hosts Evan Cohen and Mike Babchik.

Strawberry went on to say that he would tell one of the bat boys during a game which chick he wanted to have sex with during the game, and they would promptly go and get her.

“It kind of worked out that way. You organize and point her out and tell the kid,” he said.

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