Goodell and Brady are Dr. Evil and Scotty in this Austin Powers Deflategate Parody Clip (Video)

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Have we heard the last of Deflategate? Almost certainly not, but hopefully so. Brady’s appeal was shot down, which means he’s on the hook for a four-game suspension to start the 2016 NFL season.

Sure, people, even Brady, might have more to say about the matter, but it’s not like Goodell has to listen at this point.

The Kicker put together a clip of Goodell’s head on Dr. Evil’s body, and Brady’s on his son Scotty’s body. It’s far funnier than you would think an Austin Powers-themed Deflategate video about eighteen months after the fact should be.

Brady’s Deflategate meeting with Goodell didn’t go so well.

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If they can make this funny, they’re miracle workers, right?

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