LaMarr Woodley Struggling To Get An NFL Job: ‘I Can’t Make A Team Call Me’

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals

After nine seasons in the NFL, outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley finds himself on the outside looking in as he waits for any team in need of his services to give him a call.

Woodley signed a 1-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals last year, but in November he tore his pectoral muscle and was placed on Injured Reserve.

“I’m staying in shape, but the thing is, I’ve put myself in a situation where I’ve been hurt these past few years, so I don’t really control my situation right now,” Woodley told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I can’t make a team call me. So all I can do is prepare myself and keep myself ready, but also I’m going to make sure that my mind is working and that I’m doing other things – things that I can control.

“As an outside linebacker, they predicate our game on sacks, and I have to be out there on third-down situations to get sacks. But if I’m not out there on third-down situations, you ain’t gonna see any sacks.”

“Make no mistake about it, I definitely can set the edge,” Woodley said. “You can go back and look at Arizona and see me setting the edge. That ain’t no problem at all, because I got hurt again. But I can definitely set the edge and I can still get after the quarterback, but I have to be on the field to do those type of things.

“My number never changed, it’s still the same. My phone is always on my hip, so whenever it rings, I’ll be ready for it.”

Working against the 9-year vet is the fact that he has had five straight seasons cut short due to injury.

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