Mark Cuban: ‘Everybody’s Going To Root For Them(Warriors) To Lose’

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is one of the few owners in the NBA that will say what he wants when he wants, and he doesn’t care if he is fined for whatever comments he is spewing that day.

Former Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant decided to take his talents to an already stacked Golden State Warriors squad who are coming off a 73-win season.  That will more than likely make them the top hated team in the league for years to come.

Mark Cuban seems to think that is an absolute grand idea for the NBA.

“They become the villain,” Cuban told ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “Just like when LeBron James went to Miami, I loved that there was a villain. They become the villain. I’m fine with that. Everybody’s going to root for them to lose.”

Durant’s decision to join the Warriors helped Cuban’s squad land a few Warriors players in the process.

“It sure helped,” Cuban said regarding the impact Durant’s decision had on the Mavericks’ offseason.

Cuban also stated, don’t be so quick to crown the Warriors 2017 NBA champs, because every great team is one injury away from everything falling apart.

“It’s always been tough for superteams to stay super,” Cuban added. “When you congregate that much talent, one injury destroys the whole thing. They played by the rules, so it is what it is. It has always happened. It’s nothing new.”

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