Pete Rose Calls David Ortiz Borderline Hall of Famer, Red Sox Fans Lose Their Sh*t (Tweets)

pete rose all-star game appearance

During the Fox pre-game show prior to the 87th MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, disgraced hit king-turned-studio analyst Pete Rose was asked what he thought about David Ortiz‘s chances of getting into the Hall of Fame.

Rose’s take? “Borderline. Because of how many hits he has. But if he plays a couple more years, he’s a cinch.”

What do fans think? A lot of them think Rose calling Ortiz a “borderline” Hall of Famer is the single stupidest thing that has ever been said about baseball:

Nevertheless, the fact is Pete Rose is not alone in his opinion. Jay Jaffe, Joe Posnanski, and Rob Neyer, three of the best baseball writers alive today, all agree that Big Papi is no lock for the Hall of Fame. Yes, he has 525 home runs, 600 doubles, a .931 OPS, and three World Series rings. But he also has been linked to PED use in the past, and nobody who has spent more than 60% of his career as a DH has ever been elected. (See Martinez, Edgar.)

Rose said Ortiz needed more hits to be a “cinch” for the Hall. But that doesn’t mean he thinks the Hall is only about hits. He could have just meant that, given everything else Ortiz has accomplished and the knocks against him, if he collected a few more hits it would solidify his candidacy. And while I do not agree that Ortiz’s hit total will matter (he already has 2,400 and there’s no way he’ll get to 3,000), that opinion is not unreasonable.

The reality is that Ortiz has a very good chance of making it into the Hall of Fame, especially given his historically good final season in which he’s leading the league in on-base and slugging. But given what we know about Hall of Fame voting patterns, Ortiz is not a lock.

Sorry, Red Sox fans.

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