Report: Boston Celtics Targeting Blake Griffin & Russell Westbrook in Blockbuster Trade

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Ladies & gentlemen, the Boston Celtics are trying to shake up the NBA.

After adding former Atlanta Hawks PF Al Horford to the squad, the Boston Celtics front office have their eyes on two other superstars that could change the team’s future heading forward.

Since the departure of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, rumors have been swelling about the Oklahoma City Thunder moving their star point guard Russell Westbrook if he doesn’t sign an extension before his contract is up next year.

This is what Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck had to say about the situation:

“I don’t think anybody knows for certain what Russell Westbrook wants to do or intends to do, next summer. But that said, let’s just say there’s a very strong suspicion, a strong belief, among rival GMs that Russell Westbrook is not intending to stay, that he would leave next summer when he hits free agency. And because of that, the logical next step is that Sam Presti — who is always ahead of the curve on these things — will look to trade him. Now, I don’t know that that’s happening right this moment.

What I’m hearing here in Las Vegas from some GMs is that, not only do they think that Westbrook will get traded, that it will be sooner than later — probably before the season starts — and that the most likely destination right now would be the Boston Celtics.”

Sources told Sporting News that another target is to acquire Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin, and they are considering a three-team package that would send Rudy Gay to the Clippers. The Celtics are expected to use their plethora of draft picks they have to make this move happen before the 2016-2017 season begins.

This is what Doc Rivers had to say about not wanting to break up the trio of Paul, Jordan, and Griffin earlier this offseason:

“We’re close, and we know that,” Rivers said. “We have a priority of trying to just keep making our team better. Obviously because of the injuries—Blake’s in particular—we literally don’t know what we could have done. Even during the playoffs, he still wasn’t a hundred percent.”

Only time will tell.

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