Jason Williams and Mike Bibby Have Teamed Up for “The Basketball Tournament”

jason williams and mike bibby

The Basketball Tournament is officially underway. The West and South regions have already whittled the number of teams from 16 to four. This weekend the Midwest and Northeast will do the same to complete the so-called Super 16. And on August 2, two teams will battle it out on ESPN for $2 million in prize money.

Taking part in the Midwest regional this weekend as the no. 5 seed is a team called Pedro’s Posse made up of vets from the Orlando pro-am summer league.

What makes Pedro’s Posse special? Their roster is highlighted by Sacramento Kings legends Jason “White Chocolate” Williams and Mike Bibby.

If you’re not familiar with The Basketball Tournament, it’s an open-application tournament in which teams are chosen based on social media support. In theory you could put together a team of your high school buddies and drum up enough social media support to make the cut. In reality, teams with famous players (celebrities or former athletes) and famous supporters (celebrities or current athletes) are far more likely to make the cut. And as a result, the quality of competition is actually pretty damn great.

With Williams and Bibby on the roster, Pedro’s Posse was pretty much a shoe-in to make the Tournament. However, having Chandler Parsons and Austin Rivers as “boosters” didn’t hurt.

Want to turn back the clock and watch White Chocolate and Bibby play together? Well you can. Not live, unfortunately, but you can watch after it’s over. Just click here, then click on the recap of the game you want, then click watch.

Williams and Bibby are pretty old now, but I’m sure they’ve still got some old tricks up their sleeves.

Hat Tip – [Ball Is Life]

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