Mike Conley Speaks Out on Violence Against Cops & Innocent Citizens (Video)

Mike Conley

In past years, athletes kept quiet on social topics, fearing they would upset the wrong people and it would somehow jeopardize their career for giving an opinion. Those days seem to be disappearing as more and more athletes, especially NBA athletes are speaking out on controversial topics, using the mega platform they have to reach the people.

The highest paid player in the NBA, Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley used his platform to speak out about the violence going on in America & social injustices.

“It’s obviously a sensitive topic, I know, for a lot of people, especially for myself. You know, this last few weeks … This is supposed to be the most exciting time for me. You know, getting a new contract, getting to come back home to Memphis. But I haven’t celebrated. I haven’t celebrated, not one day, in light of all the events that are going on in this world and in America.
I mean, for me, it’s hard to wake up knowing that this injustice is still going on. The violence against police officers and the violence against innocent citizens has to stop. We have to make a change. However hard that is, however uncomfortable it is.
And it’s not comfortable for me to sit up here and talk to you about it, to be honest. I’m a quiet guy. You all know that. I’m very reserved. But at the same time, as much as I want to lead by example, I know when it’s time to speak up, and right now is that time.”

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