Protestor Tries to Put out Olympic Flame with Fire Extinguisher (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.19.08 AM

With the Olympics just weeks away, the relay teams in Brazil are running the torch through the city for all to see. Of course, this Olympics might give us a little less to celebrate, what with the Zika virus, the polluted water, the jaguar executions, and the humanitarian conditions in Brazil.

A protestor, almost certainly motivated by one of the above issues, ran toward the torch as it was being carried through the town of Joinville and tried to exterminate the flame with a fire extinguisher.

He wasn’t successful, the Olympic spirit carries on, etc…

Here it is:

You would think that one of those twelve running cops would have been more proactive. But, then again, they haven’t been paid in months, so maybe not.

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