Byron Scott Tells The Courts He Can’t Afford $26k a Month in Spousal Support Anymore

Byron Scott

After Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points in his last NBA game of his career, the Los Angeles Lakers headed into the 2016 offseason with the worst record the franchise has ever had, at 17-65. Changes had to be made and that including firing head coach Byron Scott immediately.

After 29 years of marriage, Scott divorced his wife in 2014 and replaced her with a younger woman, Cecilia Gutierrez. Eventually, Anita Scott was awarded $26K in spousal support in the divorce settlements, but after getting fired from the Lakers, Scott isn’t pulling in the big bucks anymore to pay that.

“But in new court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Byron claims his financial situation has changed drastically … ’cause he got fired in April and isn’t pulling those huge NBA checks anymore.

Byron says his only form of income these days is a $50k-per-month deferred compensation check from the Cavs … and half of that already goes straight to Anita.

On top of that, Byron says he probably won’t find a new job ’til next year …. ’cause every team has filled their coaching spots and “there will not be a need for an analyst or commentator” at this point in the season.

Byron is asking the judge to cut off all spousal support payments … at least for now. The case is due back in court later this month. “

Photos of Byron Scott and his new girlfriend:

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