Jerry Jones Says He Would Trade All His Money For The Cowboys To Just Get First Downs

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills

There’s not many owners in the National Football League who wants to win as much as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and not many who has gotten few results since the glory days of the Cowboys in the 90’s as much as Jerry.

Everyone is well aware that Jones is insanely rich and if you didn’t know, Forbes magazine made sure of it when it published recently that the Cowboys are the first sports franchise to be worth $4 billion. Most people would be ridiculously happy, but now Jerry Jones, especially when his team is coming off a 4-12 record from last year. Jerry wants to win.

“I would say that I would trade it for some first downs,” Jones told Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram about his team’s ranking.

Jerry made it clear that he is not doing this for the money. He wants a Super Bowl. Another one.

“I did not get into the NFL to make money,” Jones said. “I had some money, and I spent it to get in the NFL. I spent all my money practically to get into the NFL.”

The Dallas Cowboys have been hovering around an average record since the end of the 1995 season and yet his franchise net worth continues to grow.

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