Mayweather Wants Everyone To Know The ‘Baton Rouge Shooter’ Was Not Affiliated With TMT


This is one of those situations where it goes without saying, but in the social media world, you can never be too sure.

On Sunday, Gavin Long went on shooting spree that killed 3 Baton Rouge police officers and once his name was released, his videos surfaced from Youtube showing him draped in Floyd Mayweather’s clothing line, TMT.

Even though, the killer made it clear in one of his last videos that he was not affiliated with anyone or group, including TMT, Floyd Mayweather still sent out a statement to make sure people knew he was not on The Money Team.

“Gavin Long is not member of TMT by any means,” Floyd’s rep tells TMZ Sports.

“Floyd doesn’t want the TMT brand to be affiliated with the violent act Gavin has caused and neither Floyd nor anyone else from TMT knows him.”

“He is just a random guy who supported the brand but we don’t support him and what he did to those police officers.”

As you know, Floyd Mayweather is one of the most disliked athletes in recent memory, but this shouldn’t be a reason as he clearly had nothing to do with it.

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