Westbrook Reportedly ‘Ticked Off’ About Durant’s Decision; Can’t Wait For Season To Start


What will the Oklahoma City Thunder do now that one superstar in Kevin Durant has bolted for the Golden State Warriors and they now have another superstar guard Russell Westbrook whose contract is up at the end of next season?

That will be question for the remainder of the year all the way up until the trading deadline if Westbrook chooses not to sign an extension. If the recent reports are true, Westbrook is not a happy camper that Kevin Durant bolted to a team the OKC Thunder just got eliminated by in the playoffs and he reportedly can’t wait until the season begins.

Via NewsOK:

Westbrook has given the Thunder no indication that he currently wants out. To the contrary, one source described him as ticked off about the Kevin Durant departure, determined for this new challenge and eager for the season to start: “He’s ready.”

I expect Westbrook to average right around 30+ PPG, 10 RPG, & 9 ASG and take his frustration out on every rim in the league.

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