Bubba Watson and Oakley Teamed up for This Awesome Golf Course Jetpack (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.43.03 AM

Many people will agree that the hardest part (if there’s a “hard part”) of golf is the walking. You’ve gotta cover a lot of ground over the course of 18 holes.

Fortunately, Oakley and Bubba Watson are working on a solution to that problem.  It’s called, “Bubba’s Jetpack,” and you can check it out in this cool new video.

The jetpack can carry the clubs, and ideally is flown by either the golfer or the caddy (whose life just got a lot easier), not only reducing the burden of walking and carrying the clubs, but also giving both a birdesye view of the course and each hole.

It’s pretty cool, and the concept actually makes a little bit of sense.

Of course, they’re still really loud, but I’m sure Oakley’s ironing out the wrinkles.

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