Crazy IG Model Spray Paints Love Message Onto Klay Thompson’s Patio (Pic)

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I’ll admit that it’s hard to get a celebrity’s attention on social media. Sure, they’re reachable in theory, but with thousands of other people making noise, it’s sorta hard to stand out.

But this girl found a way. She goes by the unusual moniker Cherisesandra, and she thought that spray-painting “Cherise” on what she claims is Klay Thompson‘s patio would be a good way to the NBA star’s heart.

Now, I have no idea if that’s actually Klay’s patio, or really what’s going on, but can you imagine a scenario here where this girl isn’t completely bonkers? I can’t.

Take a look at that photo in question as well as some more pics of Cherise below:


A photo posted by Cherise (@cherisesandra) on

☀️ A photo posted by Cherise (@cherisesandra) on

Just do your thing, And don’t care if they like it

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Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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