Guy on Twitter Posts Dirty Video Claiming It Stars Marlins Outfielder Christian Yelich (Link)

christian yelich sex video rumor

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On Sunday, a Twitter user with the handle @RealMarlinsFan tweeted a NSFW video of a man performing a sex act on a woman, claiming that the man in the video was Miami Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich.

Was @RealMarlinsFan joking? Was he serious? We don’t know. In the video, the man’s face is obscured. While there are no obvious indications that it’s not Yelich, there are also no obvious indications that it is him. It could be anybody with wavy dark hair, and nobody would have paid any attention to the tweet if Yelich hadn’t brought it up.

Oh yeah, that’s right. On Monday, in a tweet he later deleted, Yelich said, “a false and defamatory video was tweeted about me the past 24hrs. It is 100% not me in the video. My attorneys are looking into it.”

After that, the original tweet by @RealMarlinsFan was deleted and the account deactivated. And so now some people are wondering, is the guy in the video Christian Yelich? Is that why he reacted so strongly to what seemed like a completely baseless claim?

The answer, of course, is probably still a no. But if you really want to see that video—which, again, is extremely NSFW—you can do so by clicking here.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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