Ray Lewis Gives Epic Motivational Speech to Miami Football Recruits (Video)

ray lewis gives motivational speech to miami football recruits

Some people will always be a little skeptical about Ray Lewis‘s character given his legal history. But even if you don’t believe he has reformed his ways and become a true man of God, there’s no denying the man was a hell of a football player. And there’s no denying he is a hell of a motivational speaker.

The legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker attended a football camp for University of Miami football recruits on Saturday. At the end of the day, Hurricanes coach Mark Richt handed things over to the program’s most accomplished alumnus, who spoke to the kids and their parents for 12 minutes about such topics as character, discipline, respect, the dangers of social media, and the greatness of his alma mater.

The highlight of the speech, however, was the part about the importance of effort.

“When I look into your eyes, when I look down, I’m looking for something different,” Lewis said. “I don’t care how fast you run. I never been the biggest, fastest, the strongest. But I promise you, ain’t a man flat-out outworked me in my life. Because I made up my mind that it was bigger than just sports.

“When I went to the league and played 17 years,” he continued, “I watched this revolving door of young athletes, and faster athletes, and stronger athletes, and I watched them walk right out the door. Simply because I figured out one thing. You may outrun me once, you may outrun me twice. You may even be stronger than me. But effort? Effort. Heh, the only reason I stayed around is cause of effort.”

Below you can check out the speech in its entirety. Don’t be surprise if Donald Trump uses parts of it in his big speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night.

Hat Tip – [Palm Beach Post]

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