Santana Moss Ranks RG3 As The Worst Redskins QB He’s Played With

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals

You may have thought you knew how bad the Washington Redskins quarterback play has been over the last decade, but you’ve surely never seen the top 5 QB’s former Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss claims he played with during his time there.

Moss had his best year ever under Mark Brunell in 2005, which is why he named him the top quarterback he has ever played with in Washington. It’s all downhill from there—well, it was pretty downhill to begin with.

Moss ranked all the quarterbacks he played with, leaving RG3 dead last according to CSN Mid Atlantic.

1. Mark Brunell
2. Donovan McNabb
3. Rex Grossman
4. Jason Campbell
5. Robert Griffin III

Brutal. Seems like yesterday Skins fans were Griffin-ing their way into the playoffs, and then an injury changed the course of the franchise—not to mention their other issues, like sucking at the QB position.


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