A Wild Boar Raised Hell for Sunbathers on a Polish Beach (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.32.03 AM

Normally, when you’re at the beach, you might have a cold drink in your hand, you might have your headphones on, and you might even be focused on the book you’re reading. My point is, you’re probably not on high alert for rogue angry pigs set out to terrorize you and everyone around you.

Well, these Polish folks should have been. The unsuspecting crowd had their day at the beach interrupted by a very fast, very angry boar.

Now, I’m not up on my Polish geography, but I am surprised that boar habitats and Polish beaches overlap. Or maybe some prankster just dumped the pig there to see what would happen.

In any event, it made for some good television.

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