Gilbert Arenas Responds to Rumors of Beef with Swaggy P with NSFW Story About the Time They Argued Over a Prostitute (Pic)

gilbert arenas-swaggy p feud

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Rumors of a Gilbert ArenasNick Young beef have been floating around online lately. And for good reason.

In April, just days after D’Angelo Russell‘s video of Swaggy P’s cheating confession leaked online, Arenas was bragging to TMZ that he was still planning the dude’s bachelor party. So Swaggy fired back by telling TMZ (via Twitter) that Gil wasn’t even invited to the bachelor party, and that they should be asking him about his estranged ex, Laura Govan.

Then, after Swaggy and Iggy officially split up last month, Arenas fired back at Swaggy, saying it looks like he’s not invited to his own bachelor party…before offering to take him out to have sex with some strippers.

More recently, Gilbert Arenas broke into Nick Young’s house, harassed his kid, asked him questions about Iggy, and suggested he could just pull an O.J. and murder his baby mama. Then Young responded by taking a photo with Laura Govan and posting it on Instagram.

So yeah, it sure seems like Gil and Swaggy are in the middle of a feud. However, according to Gilbert Arenas, they’re still the best of friends.

On Monday, Arenas happened to see that Tony Kornheiser and Pablo Torre were talking about the beef on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption

Arenas then responded to this talk of a beef with—stop me if you’ve heard this one before—a NSFW Instagram post. In it, Arenas says the only thing he and Swaggy P ever argued about was who would get to bang a stripper first at King of Diamonds in Miami:

Gilbert Arenas, everyone. Greek god of Instagram trolling.

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