Johnny Manziel Reportedly Punched a Guy at a Wedding in Hawaii (Pic)

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While at a Hawaiian resort for a buddy’s wedding, Johnny Manziel was apparently being “hounded” by another guest at the wedding for most of the night, resulting in him eventually punching the guy.

That was apparently the end of the whole affair, as the fight didn’t escalate, and Manziel reportedly sent a bottle of champagne to the guy’s room the next morning with a note that said, “Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright.” 

The cops weren’t called to the Four Seasons, where the incident took place, but Manziel can be seen with a bandage on his finger in a photo from his Instagram account.

In Johnny’s defense, it’s not hard to imagine some drunk stranger heckling him over the course of a night, but…punching people is wrong, now isn’t it?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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