Someone Made Shirtless J.R. Smith the Star of an 8-Bit Video Game (Video)

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I guess when we’re in the dog days of summer throughout July and August, you need to create your own fun. Football hasn’t picked up yet, and baseball is a ways away from becoming important. So, in order to pass the time, we either ignore sports altogether or do weird stuff like this guy did.

You know, like creating a fake 8-bit video game in which the Cavs’ J.R. Smith runs around the streets shirtless, and fights people who try to put shirts on him.

Is it dumb? Yes. Is it great? YES.

It’s from Bill Simmons’ new website, The Ringer, and it’s called “Summer of J.R.: J.R. Smith vs. T-Shirts.”

It’s really silly, but it features a funny cameo from Adam Silver that makes it all worthwhile.

Take a look:

Summer of J.R.: J.R. Smith vs. T-Shirts from The Ringer on Vimeo.


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