Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams Is Happy The New England Patriots Have Problems: ‘I’m Glad’

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

If the New England Patriots front office, players, or fans were looking for sympathy because their quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season, they won’t find any with a certain Steelers running back.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams says he’s not losing any sleep over Tom Brady dropping his legal battle against his “Deflategate” suspension at all. Actually, he doesn’t care about the Patriots issues whatsoever.

“I am glad they got problems. I don’t care,” Williams on Tuesday told the Tribune-Review. “Everybody has their problems, and I am glad they have theirs.”

Williams is not buying into the hype that a Patriots team missing Tom Brady makes their path to the Super Bowl that much easier.

“I don’t know why everybody thinks that affects us,” Williams said. “We don’t care. You think Big Ben wants to beat a Brady-less team? That proves nothing to him.”

Williams, who was injured himself, was forced to watch his banged-up squad come within two minutes of making the AFC Championship Game and face those same New England Patriots with a Super Bowl berth at stake.

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