Drake Visits University of Texas Basketball Teams…Wearing Kentucky Gear (Video)

drake visits university of texas basketball kentucky gear

As you probably know, Drake is a huge sports fan who takes full advantage of his celebrity status to gain insider access and VIP treatment whenever and wherever possible.

Well, on Wednesday night he was in Austin, Texas, to kick off his “Summer Sixteen” tour. So obviously on Wednesday afternoon he went to the University of Texas for a workout and tour of the Longhorns basketball facilities.

The women’s basketball team? They played it super cool as Drake walked by. However, as soon as Drake was gone these grown women were rolling around on the ground, jumping up and down, and screaming their heads off like 13-year-old fangirls.

In other words, it was hilarious. Take a look:

Drake is in the building. Obviously our girls played it cool #FanGirls (video courtesy of Emily Johnson)

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The men’s team played it considerably cooler:

You’ll notice Drake showed up at UT dressed head to toe in Kentucky gear. While this didn’t piss off Texas fans, they couldn’t just let it slide, either:

Meanwhile, Kentucky fans thought it was great:

Of course, it was really a lose-lose situation for Drake. Show up in KU gear and everybody at Texas gives him a hard time. Show up in Texas gear and everybody on the internet makes fun of him for being a bandwagon fanagain.

It’s hard being a multi-millionaire hip hop mogul!

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]