Former Chicago Bulls SG Ron Harper on GSW: “73-9 Sounds Good, But 72-10 Has a Ring To It.”

Scottie Pippen (R) of the Chicago Bulls watches te

Much like Kevin Durant did recently, former NBA guard Ron Harper was in the NBA for 9 years before he signed with the Chicago Bulls in 1994, so he doesn’t blame KD for moving to the Warriors to win a championship at all.

When I had nine years, like Kevin Durant, I felt like I wanted to win a championship too,” said Harper Thursday morning at the HoopTee Celebrity Golf Classic. “I found a way to get to the Chicago Bulls. After you score enough and did enough, all the money in the world doesn’t mean you had a great career. You want to validate your career. And, he wants to validate his career with a championship. I can respect that because I was there before.”

The 15-year NBA guard was no bum, averaging 19.0 points per game for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Clippers before making his way to Chicago, where he would average less than 8 ppg in 5 seasons while pulling in 3 rings.

The 1995-1996 Bulls held the record for most wins in a season with 72, but that was until 2016 when the Golden State Warriors won 73.  However, unlike the Dubs, Chicago ended that season with a championship.

“Let me see,” Harper said, “73-9 sounds good, but 72-10 has a ring to it.”

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