Johnny Manziel Sent Apology Note and Champagne to Guy He Fought at Hawaiian Wedding (Pics)

johnny manziel apology note hawaii wedding fight

Johnny Manziel may be a raging addict spiralling out of control. But he’s a classy raging addict spiraling out of control.

Last weekend, as you may have heard, Johnny Manziel got into a fight at the rehearsal dinner of a friend’s wedding at the Four Seasons in Hawaii. According to TMZ’s sources, Manziel didn’t instigate the fight. Apparently “things had been heated between the guys for a while,” and the other guy was “hounding” Manziel. But it still looked pretty bad. Most well-adjusted adults don’t get into fights at weddings, so the story fit in perfectly with the “Johnny Manziel is out of control” narrative.

However, it seems that, in this instance, Johnny Manziel was determined to be the bigger man. Because the morning after the dustup, he sent the other guy some champagne and orange juice along with an apology note.

“Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright. Best, Johnny Manziel.”

johnny manziel apology note hawaii wedding fight closeup

When you really think about it, the fact that this photo got out is pretty interesting. Why did it happen? Maybe the guy Manziel punched genuinely felt bad for making a scene at his buddy’s wedding, so he leaked this photo to help smooth things over. Or maybe Manziel never sent the guy anything, and somebody in Manziel’s crew staged this photo and leaked it as spin control.

It’s unlikely TMZ would be duped by Manziel like that. But without an explanation of the motive for leaking this photo, you have to wonder.

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