Somebody Busted The Window of Minnesota Vikings New $1.1 Billion Stadium


Somehow this will be blamed on Philadelphia Eagles fans.

The Minnesota Vikings’ brand spanking new stadium was just sitting there minding its business, waiting to be unveiled when someone wanted to be a jerk and bust one of the many expensive windows on the stadium.

According toRochelle Olson of the Star Tribune, that isn’t just a regular window you can pick up at any hardware store, a custom pane will have to be ordered and it may take up to 2 months to get it fixed.

“The break leaves the building in less-than-perfect condition for the ribbon-cutting Friday in which hundreds will fill the field to watch dignitaries congratulate each other about the $1.1 billion building that was the largest public-private effort in state history. According to the source, the glass was broken by someone walking along the north side of the building who picked up a rock and threw it at the ground-level wall of glass.

 “They got it on the security camera,” the person said.”

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