Torrey Smith Doing Drills with His Kids Is Something You Have to See (Video)


We’re only a week or two away from the NFL preseason getting into full swing (thank God!!!), so players are turning up the intensity on their workouts.

For Torrey Smith, that means finding some reliable workout partners and using them as inspiration and motivation.

You know what? I think he found the right guys:

The other day

A video posted by Torrey Smith (@torreysmithwr) on

Here he is running some ladders with his kids in what might be the most adorable video an NFL player has ever produced.

The 49ers WR really moves through the ladders with ease, and the first son does a decent job, too…I think. Things sort of go off the rails when kid #2 makes his way through, but that’s cool. He’s still training. What matters is what happens on gameday.

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