Carmelo Anthony Blasts The WNBA For Fining Players For Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirts

5. Carmelo Anthony

On Wednesday, a bunch of WNBA players were fined $5,000 by the league for wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts that garnered a bunch of attention, especially from Minneapolis PD who threatened to not protect them during games—with four off-duty officers actually walking off the job just before a game last week.

On Thursday, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony wasn’t too pleased about the WNBA coming down on the players like they did, because when NBA players did it a few years ago, they had full support from the NBA.

“I don’t see no reason to fine them,’’ Anthony said before Thursday’s U.S. Olympic team practice at UNLV. “If anything you should want to support them. I don’t know details, but don’t see a reason to fine them.”
“A bunch of teams did it,” Anthony said. “Everyone has their own freedom of speech if they decide to use the platform. I don’t see no reason for anybody to get fined. We did it [3 ¹/₂ years ago after the Trayvon Martin shooting]. The NBA did it. The NBA was very supportive. I don’t see any difference in this matter. Right now the players have a very strong stance in what they believe in right now. I don’t think anyone should be fighting that at this moment.”
Carmelo was one of the first professional athletes to speak out on the recent tragic issues with police violence and the retaliation that followed it.

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