Colts Running Back Robert Turbin Busted for Weed by Nicest Cop Ever (Video)

colts running back robert turbin busted for weed police video

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The bad news? Indianapolis Colts running back Robert Turbin was busted for weed earlier this month.

The good news? Nobody got shot! In fact, Turbin himself was ridiculously polite, and the police officer who busted him was pretty much the nicest police officer ever.

The incident occurred on July 8. The 26-year-old NFL player was pulled over around 11:20 p.m. for running a stop sign. During the stop, police smelled marijuana so they brought in a dog to search Turbin’s car. That’s when they found “a rolled joint-type thing” in the center console and issued him a citation.

TMZ obtained the police body cam footage. Take a look:

Seriously, more police officers like this, please.

In a series of Tweets on July 12, Turbin hinted that the joint was not his. However, he also said that ultimately he is responsible for the mistake and that he won’t let it happen again.

In Utah a class B misdemeanor is punishable by up to six months in jail and up to a $1000 fine. Of course, being a wealthy football player, Turbin will almost certainly enter a diversion program that keeps his record clean.

Unfortunately, the NFL may not be as forgiving. As you know, the No Fun League has a very strict no-pot policy. Even a first offense like this is punishable by suspension without pay for up to four regular- or post-season games.

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