Ezekiel Elliott’s Domestic Violence Accuser Lists Her Occupation as ‘Sex Slave’ In Police Report


With every new report that surfaces, it seems as if Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is the victim in this fraudulent scheme to destroy his credibility and his career by an ex-girlfriend who was unhappy about him moving on.

Tiffany Thompson stated she was beaten for days on Friday when she called cops and reported she was the victim of domestic violence, but at least four witnesses say otherwise.

Not only does Ezekiel Elliott state he has text messages proving she said she was going to set him up, but there’s this entry in the police report that she filed that raised a few eyebrows.

In a first police report, Thompson told police that he has struck her several times from Saturday July 16 through Wednesday July 20 – leaving bruises on her arms. She also claimed that they lived together for approximately 3 months within the past year.

In the report, filled out by Thompson, she lists her occupation as “sex slave.”

Elliott claims he never touched Thompson and that the bruises on her body were caused by a bar fight she was in. He also stated that he and Thompson never lived together but he did pay for her rent and was a co-signer on her vehicle.”

She may very well be digging herself a deeper hole, but it’s highly unlikely anything will happen to her even if she’s found to be lying about this situation.

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