Say Goodbye to the Crab Belly, Jameis Winston Is Looking Pretty Fit These Days (Videos)

jameis winston training tim grover looking fit

At the start of training camp last year, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston kinda looked like he had enjoyed a few too many burritos during the offseason. Don’t get me wrong, reports that he was “out of shape” were a little overblown. And the guy still went on to have a pretty solid rookie season, throwing for 4,000 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions for a respectable QB rating of 84. But you couldn’t help but wonder what Winston might be capable of if he put in just a little more work in the offseason.

Judging from a series of photos and videos posted on Instagram by his trainer, Tim Grover of Attack Athletics, we’re about to find out.

Grover, who has trained such sports legends as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, has been working with Jameis Winston since the start of 2016. And he’s got the crab leg aficionado looking pretty damn good.

Check out some of the videos:

Great week training #jameisWinston @jaboowins3. I don’t usually post training videos of my guys but this is worth a look. You can’t get extraordinary results from an ordinary workout. #relentless #Attack #timgrover

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To get a different result you have to do things different. Our work with @jaboowins3 continues. For more see #espn story by @brittmchenryespn. #relentless #attackathletics #jameiswinston #timgrover

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Ready for the Jameis Winston 2015 vs Jameis Winston 2016 side-by-side comparison shot? Well here you go:

Look out, NFC South.

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