How on Earth Are Steph Curry’s ‘Dad’ Shoes Sold Out Across the Nation?


I’m sensing something rotten’s at play here. Steph Curry‘s Under Armor shoe, widely derided after its introduction in the playoffs, are now apparently sold out on Under Armor’s website in the all-white colorway.

One (unlikely) explanation is that the shoes are so popular that the company just can’t keep up with demand. Seeing as how the shoes are almost universally considered “ugly,” that’s probably not right.

Another explanation is that Under Armor, in the face of criticism, is using this sell-out to either a) keep the shoes from seeing the light of day, or b) make it seem like they’re really popular, even though we know that people don’t really like them.

If anything is in high demand, it’s those goofy and hilarious memes mocking the shoes:

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