Aldon Smith Allegedly Posts Video Of Himself Smoking A Blunt On Periscope (Video)


If there’s one thing you shouldn’t be doing while serving a one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, it’s post a video of yourself smoking a blunt.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith didn’t seem to get that memo, as he has been quite active on Periscope lately, talking about different things.  And on Sunday he did something dumb, posting himself smoking a blunt during one of his ‘fire up sessions’.

VIA CSN Bay Area:

“Smith has used an account titled “ravenga,” to post video segments under the name “Ricky.”

The account, as of Sunday morning, has 29 followers. Smith is clearly shown on camera in most videos, where he generally talks about current events or what he’s doing at the moment.

Among the 31 video segments archived and publicly available is an installment entitled “Fire up session,” where Smith never appears on camera but his voice, unmistakable when compared to other videos where he talks directly to the camera, has a conversation with an unidentified female about a hand-rolled cigarette shown on screen.”

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