Stephen A. Smith on Skip: ‘It’s My Reign Now. You Wont Hear About Lebron & Manziel Everyday’ (Video)


It’s been a few weeks since the world’s highest paid troll Skip Bayless left ESPN’s First Take to troll his talents to Fox Sports. Since then, there have been multiple all-female panels on First Take and Max Kellerman was named the replacement to take over for Skip Bayless.

Unlike years past, Stephen A. Smith promises that what Skip used to do, like talk about Lebron James, Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel everyday, won’t happen anymore because it’s his ‘reign now’.

“He’s gone. It’s my reign now. With Max. With Molly. And we’re not going to hesitate to bring it,” declared Smith. “We’re not running from anything. We are going to make it happen. We are going to do what we’ve been doing. And we are going to strive to take it to another level.”
“Let me be very clear when I say this to you. You ain’t going to hear about LeBron (James) every day. You ain’t going to hear about Johnny Manziel every day. You ain’t going to hear about Tim Tebow every day. My man Skip loved those people. And I love him for it. But dammit, that’s not who I love.”

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