After 28 Years, Tom Jackson Likely OUT at ESPN

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Most people probably don’t remember Tom Jackson as a linebacker playing for the Denver Broncos back in his day, but they sure do recognize him as being a studio analyst on ESPN for nearly 28 years, most notably on ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’.

On Monday, a report surfaced stating Jackson most likely will not return to ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown”.

Via NewYorkDailyNews:

“He’s still weighing his options,” an NFL TV source said. “This will be Tommy’s call. It’s up to him . Tommy’s driving the train on this one. The situation is fluid.”

The source said Jackson,65, has been contemplating his TV future for quite awhile.

Another industry source said the odds of Jackson returning to ESPN are long.

“My guess is he is going to leave,” the source said.

The sources could not confirm if ESPN brass wanted to remove Jackson from his “Sunday Countdown Post” and asked him to move to another platform. Considering his stature at ESPN, and the respect and acclaim he has received, it stands to reason he could be given a role on another ESPN NFL show.

ESPN has had quite the overhaul on Sunday NFL Countdown, parting ways with Mike Ditka, Cris Carter, and Keyshawn Johnson, and replacing them with Randy Moss, Charles Woodson and Matt Hasselbeck.

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