So Here’s Justin Bieber Arm Wrestling Joel Embiid for Some Reason (Video)

justin bieber arm wrestling joel embiid

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For some reason Justin Bieber was hanging out with theoretical Philadelphia 76er Joel Embiid on Saturday night. And for some reason—a reason most likely having something to do with alcohol—the two of them decided to arm wrestle.

Normally you’d assume Justin Bieber “won” the contest. Any time the Biebs posts a video of himself playing sports on social media it’s completely scripted to make him look like an amazing athlete.

However, this video was not actually posted by Biebs. Which means it was not scripted. Which means he obviously did not win. Even if you do have to use quotation marks when you call Joel Embiid a “professional basketball player,” the guy is still 7 feet tall and 250 pounds. You don’t have to have a degree in engineering to know there’s no way on earth Bieber would beat him at arm wrestling.

The video is pretty dark, but you can still make out what’s going on. Take a look:

In related news, today the 76ers announced Joel Embiid has shattered his elbow and will miss the entire 2016-17 NBA Season.


P.S., that thing about Embiid shattering his elbow was a joke and not true. Just so we’re clear.

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