Ken Griffey Jr. Rocked a Badass Custom Suit and Backwards Hat During His Hall of Fame Speech (Pics + Video)


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If you happened to catch part of Ken Griffey Jr.‘s emotional Hall of Fame speech on Sunday, you probably didn’t think twice about his attire. Junior looked sharp in a classic navy blue pinstripe suit and yellow tie, but it was nothing remarkable. At least, not to the naked eye.

As it turns out, The Kid was actually wearing one of the most badass custom-made suit and tie combos in the history of pro sports.

The pinstripes on the suit? They were actually made of tiny script that read “Hall of Fame Class of 2016.” And the tie? It featured a silhouette of Ken Griffey Jr.’s iconic swing.

Take a look:

Of course, that wasn’t the only fashion statement Junior made on Sunday.

Early in his career he famously wore his Mariners cap backwards around the clubhouse and during batting practice. This was somewhat controversial at the time because old-timers thought he was a brash young whippersnapper with no respect. But eventually it became his signature look.

So naturally, Junior concluded his Hall of Fame speech by putting on his Hall of Fame hat backwards, bringing his baseball life full circle.

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