Mark Hunt Calls Brock Lesnar a ‘White Piece of Sh*t,’ Also Says ‘F*ck The UFC’ (Video)

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes

Mark Hunt is sick and tired and he’s not going to take it anymore, especially from his employer, the UFC.

Hunt has been ranting on social media ever since Brock Lesnar was flagged not once, but twice by the USADA for two potential doping violations after he beat Hunt at UFC 200.

On Monday, while doing a phone interview with The MMA Hour, Mark Hunt went on an absolute tirade about Brock Lesnar and UFC.

“I’ll go and work somewhere else,” said Hunt. “Like I said, I don’t give a s— if we’ve got to sue their asses, well then f— you, you’re getting sued. You scummy c—s. The problem is everyone these days wants to get into the UFC. F— the UFC. You’re s—. You motherf—ers don’t look after nobody.

“Throw this motherf—er, this stupid f—ing Samoan under the bus and let him get bashed in front of the whole world and we’ll let this f—ing white piece of s— f—ing stick needles in his ass and say, ‘Let him cheat all the way to the f—ing bank.’ Let’s give him f—ing millions of dollars and not worry about this motherf—er. F— that and f— your s— company … You can sue me on that. Motherf—ers.”

“People say this is the hurt business, yeah I understand that but if you’re going to make it clear, if you’re going to make it a cheating sport, then let’s all f—king cheat,” said Hunt. “Let’s all cheat, let’s all stick needles in our asses and take the rest of that s— and see who’s the first person to die.”

“And then when he’s actually caught doping, everyone throws me under the bus,” said Hunt. “Well you know what motherf—ers, f— you. You can all kiss my ass. These f—ing cheaters should f—ing go and die. Die in a fire, the whole lot of them.”

“And then it’s funny that one cheater calls out the other cheater and says, ‘Aw man, that was really unprofessional,’ well what the hell does that make you? He’s a f—ing hypocrite,” said Hunt.

“You can get away with anything,” said Hunt. “To make it in the UFC, you stick a needle in your ass and they’ll give you millions of dollars if you make it to the top.”

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