The NFL Has Cleared Peyton Manning of HGH Suspicions


After another Super Bowl victory and his retirement, it was hard to see what the NFL would have to gain by verifying the HGH allegations against its golden boy, Peyton Manning. And now, after looking into the matter, the league says it has found no credible evidence to corroborate the al-Jazeera report that Manning had PEDs delivered to his house under his wife’s name.

After the intern who spoke with al-Jazeera recanted his accusations against Manning, there seemed to be little in the way of evidence against the future Hall of Fame QB, and now it would seem the coast is clear for him.

An investigation was underway since the report surfaced in January, and now it seems that the matter is closed after the NFL conducted several interviews, including some with Manning and his wife, and reportedly reviewed dozens of medical records.

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