Sasha Kaun Retires After Winning Title With Cavs in Only NBA Season

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day

Talk about going out on top.

Sasha Kaun had one goal and that was to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland and…wait, that was LeBron’s goal.

You might not know who Kaun is, and that might be because he was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 2008, but didn’t play in the NBA until the 2015-2016 season.

Kaun played a total of 95 minutes in his one and only NBA season and a ridiculous zero minutes in the playoffs, all while leading the Cavs to an NBA title. Kaun felt like he did enough in his career and on Saturday he announced his retirement from the NBA.

“I was very blessed and fortunate to play as long as I have. I had a great experience for the (Russian) national team and professionally. Overall, it’s been phenomenal,” Kaun said in a phone conversation with Gary Bedore of Colorado’s Journal-World on Saturday.

“I want to say thank you to all the fans who have cheered for me in the years I was at KU and followed my career afterward as a professional. I’m happy to be a Jayhawk and look forward to seeing everybody once I’m back at the games (as fan). I’m just excited to be part of the (KU) family.”

Kaun attributed his problematic right ankle as playing a large part in his decision to walk away from the game. “With the amount of pain I was going through, I just wanted to be done. It’s something I’ve had all my career,” he said. “It was definitely getting worse and worse, year by year. Especially coming here (after seven seasons in Moscow) … the intensity of the game I just kind of realized I don’t think I can go and do it any more.”

“You know what? I’m not going to be happy playing. I’m not going to be happy not playing. I think it’s a good time to call it quits.”

Kaun retires with an NCAA title (KU in 2008), Olympic bronze medal (Russia in 2012), and an NBA title (Cavs in 2016).

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