Vick Says He Felt Bad For Defenders Because He Was So Dominant in His Prime (Video)

NFL Preseason - Atlanta Falcons vs Tennessee Titans - August 26, 2006

On Monday, free-agent quarterback Michael Vick was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show, discussing his prime in which he felt bad for defenders because he was just that dominant on the field.

“Some guys tore their ACLs, sprained ankles. It wasn’t the prettiest situation,” Vick said about feeling bad for defenders. “There were times in games when I felt was dominating, and I was dominating too much. You got to tell yourself, pinch yourself and say look, ‘You got to keep going because they’re out to get you.’”

He isn’t wrong.  In his first full year as the starter in 2002, Vick threw for 2,936 yards & 16 TD’s, along with 777 rush yards and 8 rushing TD’s.

Vick spent last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and is currently a free agent looking for a new home at the age of 36.

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