Eddie Lacy Reports to Training Camp Lookin’ Pretty Thin (Pic)

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.41.59 AM

Eddie Lacy showed up in the early days of Packers summer camp looking like a different man. Well, almost. During last year’s underwhelming outing, Lacy was reportedly coming in at 260 lbs., which would explain his lack of speed and sluggish output.

While we don’t know what Lacy’s tipping the scales at this summer, it appears to be 20-30 pounds lighter, a significant loss for any player. That loss would put him back at his scouting weight when he joined the NFL—and hopefully, put his performance back there, too.

He reportedly spent the off-season with a P90x fitness guru Tony Horton, working out to lose the weight and increase his stamina.

Here’s another vantage point of skinny Eddie Lacy:

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