Footage Released Of Former NFL Player Marcus Vick Running From Cops (Video)

Miami Dolphins 2006 Headshots

If it was attention Marcus Vick was seeking, he surely got it on Tuesday.

Just hours after former NFL player Marcus Vick ranted on Twitter about Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy giving his baby mama herpes, TMZ obtained video back in April of the former Virginia Tech QB running away from cops in a mall.

“It all started at a gym in Newport News, Virginia — when cops were questioning the 32-year-old about a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a civil case.

Vick spoke with cops for nearly 10 minutes before suddenly deciding to make a run for it — shoving 2 cops out of the way, breaking tackles — and SPRINTING down the street.”

On July 11th, Vick pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. Vick gained more yards running away from cops than he did in his short NFL career. I guess we can call it that.

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